With UK adults accumulating an average annual debt of £30,832 in November 2018, it’s arguably never been so important to have a well-informed, impartial understanding of financial management and different borrowing options. That’s why our in-depth guides on each loan type offer all the information you need to help you decide on the most appropriate loan for you, while providing useful personal finance guidance across a broad range of topics along the way.

We cover all of the main loan types, including bad credit loans and guarantor loans, offering insights on the requirements to apply, average APR and all the other essential facts you’ll need in order to come to an informed decision on the right loan for your needs and financial circumstances. So, whether you want to find out how to get a loan with bad credit, what the difference is between a secured and unsecured loan or the loans available for home improvements, weddings and holidays, you’ll find all of the answers neatly contained right here. With the Citizens Advice Bureau in England and Wales dealing with 2,465 debt issues per day in 2018, we hope our handy and knowledgeable loan guides enable the everyday citizen to reclaim a better sense of financial autonomy and control.

But it doesn’t stop there. Here at Jolly Good Loans, we understand that everyone has their own unique financial situation, with concerns and problems relating to their own circumstances. That’s why the Jolly Good Loans blog offers an array of posts covering a whole range of financial topics, including ways to get debt back under control, improving your credit rating and ideas for getting your budget and savings on the right track.

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